GurneyGoo Standard Tube


Grandma Gurney's Anti-friction, Anti-blister, Anti-chafing, Anti-septic, lubricating goop.  Her secret kept Steve blister free for 20 years of adventure racing so far!  Ideal for training, tramping, hiking, cycling, kayaking, running and just about any sport that causes friction.

This essential racing and training kit includes the latest silicon technology with Tea Tree antiseptic qualities for Anti Chafing and Anti Blister Feet, armpits, crotch, butt cheeks & nipples.  It also prevents kayaking blisters!

Steve Gurney's Books - Eating Dirt and Lucky Legs

Books by Steve Gurney

In Eating Dirt, Steve Gurney tells the stories of his latest extreme adventures, plus what he's learned about resilience.  This is a ripping yarn of a book, told with disarming honesty, great optimism and a splash of philosophy. 

‘Steve says people joke about his ‘lucky legs’ . . . “so scrawny, lucky they don’t snap off and poke up my bum!” Lucky Legs is the riveting story of an ordinary person who made himself extraordinary. 

Steve Gurney Speaker, Inventor, Race Winner         Your next speaker!

Steve Gurney is different.  You may know him as the champion athlete and nine time Coast to Coast winner. Others recall his death-defying comeback after surviving Leptospirosis from the bat-cave in Borneo. Others remember the nutty aerodynamic bike pod speeding across the Canterbury plains. Now he's an inspirational speaker and passionate adventurer.

Steve always achieves his goals, he has fun doing it, and he is dedicated to helping others do the same!  Read more...